Primary Services

There are many consultants competing for your business. The challenge is to find people who are not only experienced and talented, but also possess the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to ensure projects are a pleasant and productive experience culminating in unqualified success. In today's demanding and challenging business world, consultants must be able to rapidly adapt to their clients' changing needs.

The "human approach" to world class information technology design, implementation and support is what distinguishes LCR Technologies from other consulting companies.

We listen. When we partner with you, we understand your technology requirements and how they relate to your business objectives.

LCR Technologies specializes in SAP enterprise consulting. We are recognized because of our unique human approach and because we provide experienced, talented and personable consultants.

We offer expert SAP consulting services in these areas:

Implementations, business integrations & systems conversions
Software upgrades and functionality enhancements
Performance tuning & remote development
Ongoing support & spot consulting
Knowledge management & learning.

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